George, Elaine, Dylan and more!

New magnets are online! George and Elaine from Seinfeld are here, and Dylan (Luke Perry, RIP)! Gotta say, getting the perfect expression on Elaine's face was a bit of a challenge. I wanted to convey her character, and when I think of Elaine, I think of all of the wild facial expression she made. As I was painting her, sometimes I made her sneer almost too extreme, but then with just a little change it would suddenly turn into a big friendly smile. I really wanted to avoid a big smile, but I also didn't want to make her look terrifying! I must have spent hours going back and forth between the two expressions before I managed to settle on what I thought really channelled Elaine. I'm hoping I succeeded! Now on to more paintings, including Brenda from 90210, and maybe...RuPaul? 



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